Caring For Your Persian Kitten

Caring For Your Persian Kitten – TOP 3 Products

After nearly 3 decades of breeding our Persian kittens, our knowledge base is extensive. Through years of trial and error we have learned a lot and would like to share our expert knowledge with you! Below have compiled an extensive guide – Caring For Your Persian Kitten – that we hope our dedicated clients find useful. We share everything you would ever need to know about preparing and caring for your new kitten. From grooming and eye care tips, product recommendations, and training tools, we cover it all! The products featured in these articles and of the highest quality and have proven to be the very best on the market. Using higher quality products such as food, supplements, and grooming tools will only benefit your kitten in the long run.

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Top 3 Persian Kitten Products, Food, Vitamins & Rescue Remedy

We feel what you put into your feline friend is just as important as the love and attention you give.

We have created a list of our Top 3 Persian Kitten Products. We urge all customers to please keep these in mind when purchasing and getting ready for their new kitten’s arrival. Please understand that it is never a good idea to change your kitten’s diet or litter, doing so will only cause unneeded stress and anxiety for your furry little one. Transitioning into a new forever home should be a fun and exciting time for all involved. Following our advice will set up your environment to be a successful one for your new pet!


We serve our kitties Royal Canin Persian Kitten Food. This amazing food is tailored to the specific needs of Persian Kittens, even the kibble was specially designed to make it easier for the Persian kitten to grasp and encourage them to chew. The personality of a Persian kitten is so incredibly playful, docile and loving that they can tend to forget to eat so any help the food manufacturers can provide is an incredible asset. Royal Canin is the only one that focuses on the direct and individual needs of many specific breeds right down to the age categories! A kitten’s digestive system is a very delicate thing, it remains immature and is constantly developing throughout the first year and must be handled in a precise way. Royal Canin has designed this food for a Persian kitten’s ever-changing and developing immune system.

Highly digestible proteins (LIP*), an adapted fiber content (including psyllium) and prebiotics help support a balance in the intestinal flora.

  • 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition
  • Helps maintain digestive health
  • Supports immune system health
  • Supports skin and coat health
  • Custom kibble shape easy for Persian to grasp and chew

Daily Vitamins

Transitioning from one home to another can prove challenging for a pet of any age. However, with the boost of essential daily vitamins and minerals, stressful situations can become easier to process. With a full immune system and appropriate levels of minerals and vitamins, your furry family member can fight against stress-related illnesses and transition smoothly from one situation to the next. These treats are a HUGE HIT within our cattery! Our fur-kids gobble them up quite quickly. Give the gift of health by offering a daily vitamin to your pet, he/she will thank you in the long run!

We feed and HIGHLY recommend the Lysine Treats shown below.

Bach Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is a natural stress relief agent for cats & kittens.

Whether it is an approaching thunderstorm, a trip to the vet, or merely a
weekend alone, loss of a companion, separation anxiety, pets of all shapes and sizes can and do experience stress at some time in their lives. Help relieve their symptoms with Bach Rescue Remedy specially formulated for pets.

The preferred method for administering Rescue Remedy is putting it directly in the cat’s mouth. It can be administered by simply putting a few drops under their tongue or rubbed onto the cat’s teeth and gums using your finger.

We sometimes dilute a few drops of Rescue Remedy in their drinking water
or use a spray bottle to spray it on their fur, preferably the tail since they lick their tail often.

Wintertime Re-homing Tips

Winter time re-homing is much harder on the fur babies so please help keep
stress to a minimum. Do not change their diet or type of litter. Keep plenty of warm blankets in the pet carrier when transferring kitty outdoors. We recommend using the ThermaPet Cat Mat inside the carrier, this unique mat transfers your cats own natural body heat back to them. Always give your kitty Rescue Remedy drops before traveling.
Drape a throw over the carrier so it is not exposed to the wintertime outside elements.

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