I’m a SUPER-affectionate, playful, well-behaved kitty who loves people and love having my hair brushed (oh yeah, and being told how handsome I am!!). I will lick your nose and cheeks when you put your face near mine. I jump for joy playing with the wand toy and attack the laser pointer faster than you can say “jump for joy!” I can be a barrel of laughs, but also have a calm cozy side and will curl up on your lap for a snuggly snooze. I like to be around people and other kitties so hopefully my new home will have lots of beating hearts for me to bond with since I am not much of a loner. If you recently lost a fur-baby like me I promise to restore a memory making furry friendship to your broken heart. If you see a life with me within my eyes, apply for me by clicking the button below.

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