Meet, Jess! Our absolutely darling little Jess has come back available after we received word that her original owner was unable to follow through with her adoption. If you were one of those people who’s heart sank when she was marked SOLD, here is your chance to claim this pint-size purry princess!!!!!! Miss Jess is as sweet as they come, this little social butterfly has never EVER met a stranger in her life! She frolics around the house spreading love, laughter, and joy to every room she enters. She is one of our little “velcro kitties” who absolutely LOVES to be near you, definitely a lap kitty! She is dressed in a beautiful black dress and has an adorable french tip manicure on her front paws!! TOO CUTE!! This little lady is blessed with the longest white whiskers you have ever seen on a tiny kitty! They are bursting out all over her face and ears like little sparklers! Wherever her forever home is in the world she will no doubt fill it to the brim with enormous amusement and furry purry friendship. If Jess has already won over a place in your heart, apply for her below. Jess is rated one of our top five ESA kitty’s. Read more about our ESA kittens

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